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Good Pizza, but the salumi is not quite there yet.

What can I say about about Wolfies Pizzamia, besides the fact that they make a very good pizza, the cured meats where OK, and the cheesecake was great, except they served it in a jar.

I don’t like to write and say bad things about places I’ve eaten at, that is not the purpose of this blog, I just write about places I like, and this place is almost there but unfortunately it is lacking a few things that could make it great.

So the pizza that we ordered was great, something quite hard to find in Orlando. It had the right amount of cheese and sauce, balanced just right. It reminded me of pizzas I would eat in New York City.

The cold cut platter was a mixed experience, some were good, others just OK. I know it is unjust to compare them to Salumeria Rosi in Manhattan or Landi’s Pork Store in Brooklyn, but I do have to compare them to something that is also made in house, and compared to these two places, not all the cold cuts at Wolfies are not quite ready for prime time just yet.Pizza

The third item we ordered was the cheese cake, it was superb, I mean really good. They even used real whip-cream, not the fake stuff they use so much at chain restaurants. The only thing I hated was that they served it in a small jar. When you can make a cheese cake that is this good, you do not need gimmicks to impress, use a plate, that cake speaks for itself.

Now on to what I did not like, the place is stuffy, musty, and feels old, but in a bad way, not in the nice we’ve been here for 100 years way.

And please loose the rugs (Rugs in a restaurant? Persian rugs? How do you clean them?) and also un clutter the place, move your meats to the back, and try aging your prosciutto some more, it was great, but kinda young.

Will I return? Yes, I did say I liked it. I also want to try the pastas that I saw on the menu. I was really encouraged when the waiter told me they only served certain ones for dinner. That means they make them fresh every day and did not just pop it in a microwave.

So please support your local restaurants and chefs, give this place a try, I think you will like it.
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Wolfies Pizzamia

Address: 1905 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32804

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