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Santiago’s Bodega


Not quite Spanish tapas, but quite good!


What can I say about Santiago’s Bodega, but that I have mixed feelings?

You see the name is in Spanish, it says tapas style restaurant and bar, so one would walk in with certain expectations. That is if you have been to an actual tapas bar before.

So let me get this out the way, aside from a few Spanish style tapas (you must have the Patatas Bravas), the place has nothing to do with Spain or tapas. It is almost completely missing all Spanish staples; they do not even have potato tortilla or Serrano ham!

OK, with that said, the food was actually quite good. I had the Patatas Bravas, very tasty and spicy, they go great with beer. The portion is generous, so one order goes a long way. Share it.

The other Spanish dish I ordered was croquettas. They were made to a crispy perfection and served piping hot. They were perfect!

I also had the shrimp and Spanish chorizo, that was a nice tapa sized portion (read, small), and a plate of hummus, roasted red pepper hummus, and black olive tapenade served with pita bread.

When I arrived they actually had a brunch going on, with what looked like some really great food, and the omelets as my co patrons pointed out, where awesome.

Another nice thing about the brunch was that it included unlimited mimosas and sangria, so you can get your Sunday buzz on.

Over all I think I will go back, be with friends for some drinks and some good stuff they call tapas, but are not.

To find out more about tapas and what they should be, visit here:

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Santiago’s Bodega

Address: 802 Virginia Dr, Orlando, FL 32803
Phone:(407) 412-6979
Hours: Open today · 11:00 am – 2:00 am

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