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Lombardi’s Seafood Market


Fresh Seafood in Winter Park

For as big as Orlando is, it can be quite a challenge to find a decent seafood market.

You have your Publix supermarkets, the ever so expensive Whole Foods, and the good and cheap but o so sparse Costco. Then you have Lombardi’s.

At Lombardi’s Seafood Market they offer a nice compromise between price and convenient location (if you live in this area). This is the type of place that offers the things that you normally will not find at your local grocery store.

Sword Fish

They carry a large assortment of fresh fish, that changes daily depending on what comes in.

When I arrived they had beautiful whole Red Snappers, whole Flounder, Sword Fish steaks that looked delicious, and the ever so ugly but tasty Hog Snapper.

One of the things that caught my eye was the large quantity of live clams and oysters.

When I was looking at the shrimp, I noticed they had one of my favorites, Rock Shrimp, they taste just like Lobster. There also was a bag filled with live Blue Crab next to the live Lobsters.

Lombardi's Menu

They also have sandwiches and soups!

You can eat in and have Po Boys, sandwiches, home made soups and crab cakes.

A great place to drop in for lunch on a week day.

But just like any other store, buyers beware. When I noticed that neither the shrimp nor crayfish said where they were from, I had to ask, no one knew the answer. Many of these are farmed in Asia, and I avoid them like the plague, I just don’t how they raise them or what they feed them.

Another thing to look out for is price, not everything is cheap. In fact, the frozen lobster tails are cheaper and better looking at Costco. So look at your price per pound.

Aside from the two flaws, it is generally a good place to shop, and you will not find anything else like it in the area unless you are willing to pay a lot more at whole foods.
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Lombardi’s Seafood Market

Address: 1152 Harmon Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789, United States
Phone:(407) 628-3474

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