Great Lebanese Food


Middle East Market

When people talk about Middle Easter food, they tend to lump them all together under one category, and even though they are similar, they are actually quite different in seasoning and taste.


In Orlando we have a great example of an authentic Lebanese style cuisine.  It is not a fancy restaurant, nor does it try to be, but unlike other places in and around Orlando, this one is quite real.

They have the standard fares of shawarma, kibbeh and other expected Arab fares, but these all have a quite distinct Lebanese flavor.  Don’t forget to try the muhammara, you will not find this anywhere else.

When I lived in Venezuela thousands of Lebanese immigrants sold their local food everywhere. So the flavors and smells of Lebanese cooking are quite familiar to me.

I was quite surprised when I found this place here in Orlando. The place is family owned and operated, and all the recipes belong to the mother, and they are great.

Hidden in the back of the restaurant is a small store, where you can find various middle eastern ingredients that you can take home and prepare.

So next time you are in the vicinity of Florida Mall, go grad some lunch across the street at Middle East Market.

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Address: 8100 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32809
Phone:(407) 855-6555

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