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Best Dim Sum in Orlando

Dim SumI have been eating at Chan’s Chinese Cuisine for over ten years, and I do have to say they are great.

The day to go is on Sunday, after 11 am, if you go any other day, you will not have the variety or offering of Dim Sum that is available that day, and if you go after 2 pm all the good stuff will be gone.

When you enter the restaurant, go straight for the front of the line and ask for a number. Tables are given out based on party size, not on arrival order. So a person that arrived after you might be seated first. They will not seat two people on a large table. They will wait for a small one to be available.

You do not order dim sum from a menu, so be on the lookout for the carts, they will stroll next to your table with the different dim sum inside them.

Don’t be shy and start to order some from each cart. The portions are small, so if you don’t like it, it is no big deal. Some of the best things actually do not look that appetizing to start with, but trust me, they are great.

I highly recommend the roasted duck and the roasted pork.

Here are some of my favorite dishes in no particular order:

  • Steamed Pork Buns
  • Siu Mai
  • Rice Noodle Rolls with Shrimp or Pork
  • Har Gow (steamed shrimp dumplings)
  • Shark’s Fin Dumplings (no shark in them)

They have other dishes, like chicken feet and rice soup, and many more I can’t even name. Just be sure to grab what you like when the cart goes by, it might be gone by the time the same cart comes over again.

The secret menu

During the week, and also on Sundays, they serve the standard American Chinese dishes that we all know. But hidden in plain sight on the front counter are some small black menus. These are meant for Chinese customers.

Reading the menu is not that easy, since the descriptions of the dishes in English are not that great. So for this one you better ask your server and hope for the best.

For me this has been a hit or miss type deal when I have ordered from this menu. I have it easier to just look at other tables and point out that I would like to have whatever it is that they are having.

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1901 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32803
(407) 896-0093

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