Cuban Sandwich

Lost in Translation

Jose Barrios September 8, 2015

Black Bean Deli & Cuban Café What can I say, I’m Hispanic and I lived in Miami, I’ve had Cuban food for years. You see, Cuba is one of only of two Latin American countries that prefer black…

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Panna Cafe

Jose Barrios February 18, 2015

Very pretty, but….. If you are looking for a well designed, well thought out, a model of what a fast food/cafe/Latin food place should look like, Panna Cafe is it! You can just tell that Panna Cafe hired…

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Choclos Tostados

Ceviche House

Jose Barrios July 13, 2014

Good, but expensive Ceviche house is a small restaurant serving your standard Peruvian food fares. I went there for lunch and we ordered mixed Ceviche and “Arroz Chaufa”. For those of you that have not tried either of these dishes…

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Arepas el Cacao

Jose Barrios April 22, 2014

A taste of Venezuela in Orlando Arepas are the quintessential staple of the Venezuelan diet. It s a white corn thick tortilla stuffed with just about anything you can imagine. For many years I ate at what was probably the…

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