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Brown’s New York Deli (CLOSED)


This place is Closed!

Unfortunately they have closed their door, and in doing so have deprived Orlando one of the few places that offered authentic NY style kosher deli food.

Pastrami and more

Let me start by getting this out if the way, this is not Katz Deli or Carnegie in NY, and it would be unfair it to compare them. It’s like saying that Cadillac is no good when compared to Rolls Royce.

Having said that, it is a pretty good deli, and I have been to a lot of them through out the years, plus they are certified Kosher. I’m definitely coming back.Smoked Salmon Benedict

When I sat down the first thing they did was bring out coleslaw and pickles, and you could tell the coleslaw was made in house.

We ordered the Smoked Salmon Benedict and two Pastrami sandwiches on rye with potato salad.

The Smoked Salmon Benedict Eggs where great, served just right, and the fried potatoes that came them where even better, crunchy, yet creamy inside.

The sandwiches where also good and generous with lots of pastrami on fresh rye bread, but the potato salad was outstanding, a real treat.

I am glad that they opened a place like this in Orlando, it is so hard, not to say almost impossible to find this type of food here.Pickles

When you do go, even if it is for lunch, do check out their breakfast menu, it is really good. They also do catering.

And by the way, Browns does have something way better than Katz and Carnegie in NY, they actually treat you well. I love Katz, but their service stinks.
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Address: 1201 S Orlando Ave #156, Maitland, FL 32789
Phone:(407) 960-6999
Hours:Everyday · 10:30 am – 10:00 pm

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