Bar Harbour Seafood

Bar Harbour Seafood


Fresh Seafood and Lobster Rolls

It is not everyday that you find a place i and in Orlando that sells fresh seafood and have a bight to eat at the same time. Bar Harbor Seafood is just that place.

The Fish Market

While they will not win any prizes for variety, they certainty make up for it in quality and price. When I visited on Saturday I was able to purchase fresh gulf shrimp with the head still on, something that is just not possible in places like Whole Foods or Lombardis. Shrimp heads just have a wonderful flavor and are perfect for making shrimp bisque, which brings us to our second ingredient.

Whole Grouper Head

Yes the whole head, the head makes for absolutely great fish stock. It is mind blowing how people just underestimate the not so pretty parts when making a stock. Luckily for me this under-appreciation for fish heads makes for a great price when purchasing them. And so I was able to complete my shrimp bisque.

Lobster Rolls

While you are there, you might as well indulge on a lobster roll, they are under $10, which makes them a great deal, plus they are actually quite good and very generous. As for the other food, not quite my cup of tea, to much fried stuff for my taste, but then again, you might like it. In conclusion, it is a great place to shop for very fresh seafood at a great price. Address: 2000 Premier Row, Orlando, FL 32809 Phone:(407) 851-4001 Hours: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Bar Harbor Seafood

2000 Premier Row
Orlando, FL 32809

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