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Cuban Sandwich

Lost in Translation


Black Bean Deli & Cuban Café What can I say, I’m Hispanic and I lived in Miami, I’ve had Cuban food for years. You see, Cuba is one of only of two Latin American countries that prefer black beans over any other bean, the other country being Venezuela, where I lived for a…(Read More)

Croissant Gourmet Bakery

Great Bread and More! Located in Winter Park, right off Park Ave., this is a must go to place for fresh Croissants, Bread, and pastries. You can actually taste the difference between what is the real deal and that industrial supermarket stuff you get at the major chain stores. Even though they are not the…(Read More)


407 Cafe Gelato


Best Gelato in Orlando! Let me start by saying I have actually taken courses on Ice Cream with the National Ice Cream Retailers Association, and I am pretty confident when I say that this is hands down the best Gelato that is currently available in Orlando. These folks know what they doing. From the moment…(Read More)

German Sausages

Take some great German food home I love going to Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe, but sometimes it can get just to crowded, or maybe I just want to stay at home and watch TV. Now with the opening of their Magnolia Square Market deli the circle is complete, I can finally have great German…(Read More)


Panna Cafe


Very pretty, but….. If you are looking for a well designed, well thought out, a model of what a fast food/cafe/Latin food place should look like, Panna Cafe is it! You can just tell that Panna Cafe hired the best interior decorators that money could buy. Now if they had only done the…(Read More)

Choclos Tostados

Ceviche House


Good, but expensive Ceviche house is a small restaurant serving your standard Peruvian food fares. I went there for lunch and we ordered mixed Ceviche and “Arroz Chaufa”. For those of you that have not tried either of these dishes, you have no idea what you are missing out on. Ceviche most people know what…(Read More)


Good Pizza, but the salumi is not quite there yet. What can I say about about Wolfies Pizzamia, besides the fact that they make a very good pizza, the cured meats where OK, and the cheesecake was great, except they served it in a jar. I don’t like to write and say bad things…(Read More)

Red Snapper and Trout

Fresh Seafood in Winter Park For as big as Orlando is, it can be quite a challenge to find a decent seafood market. You have your Publix supermarkets, the ever so expensive Whole Foods, and the good and cheap but o so sparse Costco. Then you have Lombardi’s. At Lombardi’s Seafood Market they…(Read More)


Picanha by the pound In Brazil, the most prized cut of meat tends to be the picanha, which is the rump cap, and in Orlando there are some very nice Brazilian restaurants that serve it, like Texas de Brazil and Fogo de Chao. While both are very good, they can be quite expensive, not the…(Read More)