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Pizza Done Right

I have come to understand after many years living in Orlando that what people here call pizza is not what I call pizza. It still amazes me that people will eat at The Mellow Mushroom and like it, no, they rave about it.
You see, I have lived in Philly, New York, and New Jersey, and they know how to make pizza.

So when after many failed attempts throughout the years at finding a decent pizza, I found Armando’s Cucina Italiana & Pizzeria in Winter Park.

Granted they are no New York style pizza, but they are quite good, in fact better than most places in Orlando.

When ordering at a restaurant, I do not argue with waiters, it is bad karma, and waiters usually know what tastes on the menu.

Our waiter was great. He took the time to explain the pizzas and made some suggestions, like the fact that the Peroni beer was extra cold and we should have some ASAP.

Meatball Pizza

I accepted his beer suggestion right away, after all, who has heard of pizza without beer?

They were cold, and they were big, served draft in large glasses. Cold beer on a hot summer afternoon really hits the spot.

We ordered three types of pizza for the four of us. It turned out to be more than we could eat and ended up taking some pizza home with us, so don’t over order.

The first pizza, as suggested by the waiter, was a meatball pizza, not my first choice, but I thought if he likes it lets give it a try. It was actually quite good. I would have never ordered that one (and by the way, it is not on the menu, so you have to ask for it).

The second pizza we ordered was with freshly sliced prosciutto and arugula on top, I could have done without the arugula, but others at the table loved it. It was yet another great pizza.

The third pizza was a plain Margarita pizza. A pizza that is so simple and yet most places get so wrong. Here it was perfect.

All of our pizzas had fresh basil, the sauce and the amount of cheese was just right. And the crust, they actually have that burnt edge going all around pizza. They know their stuff! You could tell they had a proper pizza oven and knew how to use it.

Of course we washed it all down with the very cold Peroni beers while we sat outside enjoying the nice Orlando summer weather. The ambiance alone in this part of Winter Park makes the experience and food all that much better.

So if you are from the New England area or just visited there and miss what pizza tastes like, give this place a try, you will not be disappointed.

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Armando’s Cucina Italiana & Pizzeria

Address: 463 W New England Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789
Phone:(407) 951-8930
Prices: $$$$
Hours: Open today · 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

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