Arepas el Cacao


A taste of Venezuela in Orlando

Arepas are the quintessential staple of the Venezuelan diet. It s a white corn thick tortilla stuffed with just about anything you can imagine.

For many years I ate at what was probably the best arepa restaurant in Venezuela, El Primo, located in Puerto La Cruz, so I consider myself kind of an expert on the matter.

At El Cacao you can find the most popular fillings for an arepa, shredded beef or chicken, shrimp salad, avocados, pernil (roasted pork), queso de mano, and many, many more.

You can mix and match fillings and all arepas, regardless of what you picked, cost the same.

The one thing that will immediately come to your attention is the size, I mean these things are huge.

Even though they are meant to be eaten with your hands like a sandwich, I advice getting a fork.

They also have a small condiment bar, with a very good garlic sauce. Feel free to indulge and put a lot of this stuff on your arepa.

Another great Venezuelan treat they have is Cachapas. Basically a sweet yellow corn pancake that is served hot with a soft white cheese (ask for Queso de Mano or Guayanes).

You can also pick from a variety of fruit smoothies that are made on the spot. My favorite is passion fruit.

So wrap it all up, El Cacao is great, even by Venezuelan standards. So next time you are near Universal Studios, stop by and have a taste of Venezuela.

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5389 S Kirkman Rd
Orlando, FL 32819

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